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Specialist Disability Accommodation 
"Working Together" 
National SDA Conferences 

Cities and Dates 

Brisbane NDISDA Annual SDA Conference 

Fri 21st June 2024

Perth ST Judes NDISDA SDA Conference 

Wed 10th July 2024

Melbourne NDISDA SDA Conference 

Sat 20th July 2024

NDISDA SDA Conference

Thur 29th August 2024

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Panel DiscussionsExhibit spaceEngage and ConnectNetworking sessionWorkshops

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Welcome to the Annual SDA Conference and Events "Working Together" NDISDA Conferences & Developer Summits 2024.


Once more,  we are thrilled to bring together a diverse array of industry professionals, including Builders, Developers, Architects, SIL Providers, SDA Providers, Financiers, Investors, Law Firms, SDA Assessors, Consultants, Researchers, Regulators, and Associations.

Over the past 3 years, our events have consistently sold out across the country, creating a vibrant platform for transformative conversations, education, networking, and collaboration across disciplines.

We are delighted to kick off the year in Sydney, marking the beginning of our 16th Conference/Summit that will span across five cities in 2024. 


Our focus this year is on navigating the recent changes in the NDIS Final Report that significantly impact housing.

We'll delve into crucial research data concerning supply and demand dynamics, address challenges related to vacancy rates, and provide insights into the hurdles that Developers, Investors, Architects may encounter. Moreover, we will discuss regulatory updates and compliance requirements, emphasizing the importance of staying abreast of legal updates and best practice design.


Additionally, we recognize the vital role of SIL (Supported Independent Living) Providers, SDA Providers, Allied Health Professionals in the NDIS ecosystem. It is crucial to work collaboratively  and understand the challenges they face due to changes in the NDIS space that directly impact SDA. By fostering a deeper understanding of their needs and concerns, we can collectively identify solutions and create a more supportive environment for all stakeholders involved.

This collaborative approach is essential for driving positive change and ensuring the long-term sustainability and success of the SDA sector.


Our aim is to provide clear direction and guidance for navigating these changes, emphasizing “Working Together”, shared knowledge, and mutual support among all stakeholders.

As professionals in the SDA sector, we are stewards for the vulnerable individuals who are NDIS Participants.


We walk a fine line between profitability and social responsibility, and it's those who build businesses with participants in mind, while upholding integrity and ethical standards, who emerge as leaders and champions of positive change.

"Working Together" encapsulates our conference's essence perfectly. This conference is exclusively for those committed to upholding values, leveraging their professional expertise for the right reasons, and forging sustainable relationships that leave a lasting impact on participants, colleagues, regulators, investors, SIL Providers, SDA Providers, and Society.

If you align with these values and aspirations, we eagerly anticipate your attendance at this transformative event.

Together, let's build a future where integrity, collaboration, regulatory compliance, informed investment strategies, and social consciousness drive our industry forward, while supporting the needs of SIL Providers, SDA Providers, and all stakeholders in the NDIS ecosystem.

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Presentation topic Guide 

Some topics may differ slightly in some cities. *

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This year, we are enhancing our program with more panel discussions specifically tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities within each discipline of SDA Professionals. We will not be using SLIDO or any another Apps for Q & A. Hand-held microphones will be available for audience members to ask questions in a timely fashion where the panel and audience members can respond. 

Please see below the type of topics and presentations that we will be presented by Industry Experts, Law Firm. some Local Government representatives and Housing Bodies.

A Speaker list be be provided for each city. 

As some topics require a deeper dive for a comprehensive understanding, certain events may extend to a two-day format to ensure thorough exploration and effective navigation forward.

We are also excited to offer Investors the opportunity to view Properties for Sale within an exhibit space, alongside a showcase of Products and Services catering to the sector's needs.

Exhibit or Sponsor today to be part of this valuable opportunity.

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SIL & SDA Provider
General SDA

Presentation Topics 

  • Specialist Disability Accommodation in the social housing sector: Policy and practice
  • Understanding Collaboration with SIL Providers and SDA Providers 
  • NDIS Final Review : Recommendation 8
  • Housing Supports, Separation of SIL and SDA 
  • Navigators; what this could look like  and how will it impact providers? 
  • NDIS Provider Compliance & Service Agreements
  • Providers and Price Limits :

  • How to sustain your business with cost increases while remaining compliant with regulations

  • Transitional Housing Solutions : Short Term and Medium Term Accommodation

  • Funding, finding tenants and the BIG ' V' Vacancy Rates impacting Participants and investors

  • Social responsibility vs Profitability ; what happens when a participant does not want to share? 

Some topics may be slightly amended per city. Please check the Agenda once it is released **

Developer Session
Presentation Topics

  • SDA Property Investment & Finance 
  • NDIS recommendation impacting Improved Livability and impacts for Investors, Participants and Builders
  • Supply and Demand Data - your State
  • SDA Valuations - Location factors, Vacancy rate and variables  impacting  SDA Valuations 
  • Strategizing and Risk Managing Investment Options
  • Legal : Contractual obligations and legal agreements  
  • Tax implications when you invest in the NDIS
  • Pro's and Cons of buying off the plan 
  • Investor Session:  Self Managed Super Funds  risks and opportunities 
  • SDA Insurance - case studies and the need to understand the difference between Landlords insurance and SDA Insurance 
  • SDA Compliance and Registration process
  • Construction time delays, costs  and impacts 

SDA Design and Build Presentation Topics  

  • SDA Prefab/ Modular solutions for faster and efficient build - is this the next best option  given housing construction time frames? 
  • Robust Design : Challenges and why you need to consult an OT in the design stage. 
  • Reference Designs within the Price Guide  - Understand the Technical Report relating to the analysis of the reference designs.
  • SDA Assessment best practice - no tick, no approval. Hear about non-compliant case studies and what you need to know about ensuring your property meets approval. 
  • Class 1-3 clarification and fire safety requirements  
  • Improved liveability – what could this look like following the NDIS Final report 

Some topics may be slightly amended per city. Please check the Agenda once it is released **

Networking session 

Join us for the After the Event Networking Sessions

2 x Networking Sponsorship opportunities open. See here for more 






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Sponsorship &
Exhibit space for SDA Properties for Sale are now open 

Book your exhibit space and showcase your SDA Development and Properties for Sale. 

Includes 1.8m trestle table, space for your Smart TV/ Ipad/ VDU, power, Pin up board and 1 conference ticket 

Cost $1500 exc gst per city 

Book all 4 states and save. Find out more email or click on the below

Exhibit space
is open 

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Some Speaker opportunities are available 

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Please register your interest to present. Subject to approval and some costs may apply 

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